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Hemant Jain is a highly experienced life and business growth coach, Amazon best-selling author, keynote speaker, trainer, and change management consultant with over 20 years of expertise. He specialises in helping individuals, managers, and professionals break through glass ceilings to achieve their life, career, and business goals and double the value of businesses through a peer-to-peer executive board. Hemant also conducts customised behavioural training programmes for managers, teams, and organisations. He is known for his no-nonsense coaching style and ensures his clients' success.


Journey to TAKE CHARGE of your life starts here.

Professional Life Coach

Life Coaching is a powerful approach that can help individuals create meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

Business Growth Coach

Business Coaching is a powerful approach that can help individuals and organizations achieve greater success by aligning their personal and professional goals.

Behavioral Training

A comprehensive coaching program for first time managers struggling with their own transition from playing solo to managing a team.

People-Focused Change

"Hemant coaches people-focused change management for smooth transformation, minimises disruption, and prepares teams and organisations for change."

Trusted Advisor

As a professional life coach, business growth coach, and Amazon best-selling author, Hemant Jain is a trusted advisor with 20+ years of diverse global experience.

Growth Catalyst

Hemant Jain acts as a growth catalyst, leveraging his diverse experience as a professional life coach and business growth coach.


Your professional sphere. And your progress in this sphere of corporate challenges and opportunities with barriers and boundaries. Apply it to your personal life too.


Hemant Jain offers individual coaching and training programmes focused on achieving personal and career goals, creating balance, and unlocking the potential for success.


Unlock your full potential and break through the glass walls and ceilings of your life, career, and business with
Hemant Jain , the no-nonsense Professional Life and Business Growth Coach.

Take Charge:

The name says it all. A hands-on workshop to kick-start your journey of taking charge of your life. No gyan, No motivational talk, No fluff whatsoever (You can stop us if you smell bull-shit). In this intensive workshop, we get cracking from the word go and not rest until you have what it takes to achieve what you want.

Using the 9-step Take Charge framework, you take get into the driving seat and steer your goals to success. A powerful action-oriented workshop where you will create your action plan for the next 9 months to give birth to a whole new You ! The new You – who can achieve anything that you set your eyes on.

Story Telling:

An essential communication skill - You still remember the stories you heard in first grade but forget the key communication from the leadership during the annual townhall or the crucial points from the presentation last week.

Bring storytelling to your organization’s communication – be it a team briefing, business case presentation, annual conference or the CXO townhall. A message delivered using an impactful story telling technique remains in memory for long and has ever lasting impression.From Managers to Senior Managers to CXOs – Story Telling is for everyone. Albeit, the significance and criticality sky-rockets with seniority and strategic nature of the role.

Think Beyond SMART Goals:

Goal Setting to Goal Achieving We all know about SMART Goals. We have been trained on them. We set them every year and have our varied success track record with them. It’s a part of our corporate life. In personal lives, we often refer to ‘goals’ as desires, new year resolutions, life resolutions etc. Once again, we have varied success track record.

We need to get smarter about the SMART goals – defining them in way that they are built to succeed and then go ahead and build the ecosystem for their success (and our own success). In this workshop, we work on personal goals and organizational goals – and make them SMARTER.

Transformation Expert

Introducing the Transformation Expert, a seasoned professional dedicated to facilitating growth and change on a personal and organisational level. With extensive experience and a proven track record of success, this expert possesses a unique combination of skills and knowledge that can empower individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. Whether you're looking to enhance your leadership skills, refine your communication abilities,

Or drive cultural transformation within your organisation, the Transformation Expert offers the guidance and support necessary to achieve sustainable results. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a deep passion for helping others, this expert is the ultimate partner for those seeking to achieve meaningful transformation in their personal or professional lives.

Business Value Doubler

Introducing the Business Value Doubler, an accomplished professional with a proven track record of driving significant growth and success in businesses of all sizes. With a wealth of expertise in strategy, innovation, and process optimisation, this expert possesses a unique set of skills that can help companies double their business value. From identifying new market opportunities to streamlining operations and improving efficiency,.

The Business Value Doubler has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide organisations to sustainable success. With a deep commitment to delivering measurable results and a focus on creating long-term value, this expert is the ideal partner for any business seeking to maximise its potential and achieve its goals.


Hemant Jain, a seasoned professional life coach and corporate growth coach, helps teams, organisations, and people reach their full potential for development and success. Additionally, he provides behavioural training programmes and counselling for organisational change management.


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Life coaching is needed by all, but only deserving ones get the BEST life coach. You must be wondering why? In a market where everyone is in the hustle to be the leader, In this environment, where do you stand? Are you among those who have understood the underlying need? Let’s Talk!